We are a group of enthusiasts who have decided to systematically support maker movement in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to popularize technology and creativity as an alternative to consumerism.

In addition to Maker Faire, we are planning additional projects for both makers and people who have no idea that they could belong to such a community.


Maker Faire is the world's largest showcase of innovation, creativity and sophistication for the whole family. It is a meeting of creative and inquisitive people who enjoy learning new things and informally sharing knowledge and experience in a friendly environment.



We want to connect the existing entities and create a platform representing members' interests.

We share knowledge, practical experience and contacts to continually improve the labs and maker spaces.



A series of maker meetings organized to share ideas and challenges, create new collaborations, and get inspired.


At Meet the Makers  4-5 projects from different disciplines and at different stages of development are presented.